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28-29 january 2015, olympia central london

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session overview

Tuesday 29 January 2013
15:30 - 16:30 Track 2 Session 3

Mobile performance support

Mobile devices should be ideal for delivering performance support. They are almost always on and can provide information and expert advice in context. But the devil is always in the detail. What about the costs of devices, the difficulties of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and security issues? Not to mention the issues of creating content for a potentially very wide range of devices. This session delivers great lessons from two organisations that have used mobile for learning and performance support with tremendous success.

P1: Using mobile support systems to boost sales

Jeremy Smith, Senior Learning Solutions Manager, Herman Miller

Office furnishings producer Herman Miller had a problem: the field sales team was often making too many client visits for each sale. The reason: to get the product information they needed to move a sale forward they had to rely on traditional means, taking up costly selling time. Jeremy Smith’s solution: a mobile performance support solution that put the product information in their hands when they needed it. The results have been clear – usage outstrips the company’s regular elearning, and sales people are spending less time per sale gathering follow-up information.
  • Moving learners’ mindset from courses to resources
  • Using a single-source content model to ensure delivery in multiple modes to multiple devices
  • Using the appeal of mobile to generate learner demand
  • Setting and managing user expectations
  • Lessons learned and mistakes to avoid

P2: How smart mobility puts knowledge at your fingertips

Stephany Wilson, E-Learning Manager, Sonic, America’s Drive-in

How do you provide information and performance support to key personnel across a nation-wide franchise? Stephany Wilson of fast-food chain Sonic explains the steps they have recently taken to provide managers with time sensitive product and brand information. This means a lot more than taking their LMS courses and pushing them to smart phones. Stephany is using search, surveys and alerts as well as an expert locator and learning content linked to the corporate LMS.
  • Why content structure is crucial
  • The balance between enough content and too much
  • When information delivery is as important as knowledge retention
  • How user experience varies by device
  • Gaining executive and manger support