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2017 Gala Evening: 29 November, London, UK

Learning Technologies Awards - judging

The Learning Technologes Awards is the leading, independently judged scheme in the industry. The judging is independently co-ordinated by The eLearning Network and comprises a panel of judges drawn from leading professionals in learning and development.  Our judges are chosen based not only on their skill, depth of experience and reputation, but also for their contribution to, and passion for, e-learning.

Each category is allocated three judges, who are chosen on the basis of their expertise, specialism and experience. Together they score each entry in areas that include learning need, strategy, innovation and originality, impact on performance and appropriate use of technology.

It’s a long and involved procedure, and rightly so - it has to do justice to the eventual award winners.

Your 2,000-word submission will be judged on the information requested in each category. Please read these criteria carefully when deciding on the appropriate categories to enter, as entry categories cannot be changed once judging has commenced.

At the final stage of judging, shortlisted entrants in some categories are invited to attend a short judging presentation.  Other categories are judging solely on the submission.  Please refer to you’re the category criteria to confirm whether a judging presentation is required.

All judges sign a confidentiality agreement prior to commencing the judging.  Judges and organisers are bound by a clear agreement which prevents them from revealing the identity of winners until after the announcement of the award winners, which takes place during the gala evening November 2016.

The 2017 Learning Technologes Awards judging panel is chaired by Tony Frascina, a learning designer with extensive experience in training, teaching and research, who has collaborated with UN bodies, government organisations, multinationals, banks, universities and others.  This will be his sixth year as a member of the judging panel and fourth year as Chair.

  • Brightwave ELA 2017
  • Cornerstone ELA 2017
  • Growth Engineering ELA 2017
  • Highfields ELA
  • Immerse
  • Kallidus
  • Lumesse ELA 2017
  • Olive ELA 2017
  • SiyonaTech
  • Sponge ELA 2017
  • Unicorn ELA 2017