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31 January - 1 February 2018, Olympia, London

The Forum Partnership


  • Silver Birches
  • 6a Back Lane
  • Wymondham
  • Norfolk
  • NR18 OQB
Tel: 07957 855919
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Online Profile

'Transformational Conversations' 

We give you all the ammunition you need for the toughest L&D conversations that are stopping you from living your life and running your team the way you want it run. We'll help you clear your head, order your thoughts, speak with focus and adopt winning behaviours. 

  • Whether you feel bamboozled by suppliers
  • Undermined by your own IT department or 
  • Not given the same recognition as other professionals in your organisation

You will have ways to skilfully, calmly, assertively gain the upper hand with techniques which will stay with you forever. Come and talk to us about your Transformational Conversation.

'Virtual Office' Simulations

Bringing together actors, video, live streaming, coaching, feedback challenging case material and realistic scenarios in an award winning venue we create the most brilliantly co-ordinated, immersive, educational experience for teams.

"A lot more, thought, time, effort and energy went into this training compared with anything else I have experienced; it was markedly the best training I have had at the firm by a country mile "

"It was much more interactive and I got to apply new skills and get feedback immediately, which was awesome"

Our Unique History

We have been helping leaders communicate more authentically and efficiently for 20 years. Now with 7 years in the tech industry with our sister company CloudQast, we are the only leadership communication company bringing together coaching, acting techniques and tech industry know-how.







Product Categories

Assessment and appraisals | Coaching and mentoring | Collaborative learning and technology | Leadership development | Virtual classroom technology and services | Virtual worlds
  • Articulate LT 2017
  • Cornerstone LT 2017
  • Corporate elearning LT 2017
  • DPG LT 2017
  • Fuse LT 2017
  • Kallidus LT 2017
  • Kineo LT 2017
  • Leo LT 2017
  • Litmos
  • NetDimensions LT 2017
  • Saba LT 2017
  • Saffron LT 2017
  • Sum Total LT 2017
  • Totara LT 2017
  • Unicorn LT 2017
  • Wranx LT 2017
  • Acteon LSG 2017
  • Blue Eskimo LSG 2017
  • Brightwave LSG 2017
  • Cornerstone LSG 2017
  • Cross Knowledge LSG 2017
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  • Good Practice LSG 2017
  • Kallidus LSG 2017
  • Kineo LSG 2017
  • KPMG
  • Learningpool LSG 2017
  • LEO LSG 2017
  • Olive LSG 2017
  • Saba LSG 2017
  • Saffron LSG 2017
  • Skillpill LSG 2017
  • Sponge LSG 2017
  • Sum Total LSG 2017
  • Totara LSG 2017
  • TWM LSG 2017