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31 January - 1 February 2018, Olympia, London


about closerstill

At CloserStill we believe that nothing beats doing business face-to-face. In the digital age, when traditional marketing methods have been turned on their heads and the internet sweeps all before it, face-to-face contact is at even more of a premium than ever. Increasingly, companies wishing to sell or market to other businesses are employing a dual strategy that combines the internet with one-to-one marketing and events in all their guises. After all, about the only marketing process that can`t be replicated online is meeting face-to-face and sharing the kind of in-depth interaction that can only take place in real-time, with real people: events and exhibitions are the perfect complement to online marketing strategies.

But the days of the traditional, one-dimensional trade-show are numbered. In the 21st Century, marketers expect their events to be multi-dimensional, rich in content and delivering real value for visitors as well as sponsors and exhibitors. They expect to be able to make structured one-to-one meetings as well as walking the showfloor, they expect the shows to represent the market they serve in all three dimensions [including serving the “community” beyond the event itself] and they expect to enjoy sharp, personalised communications delivered via the new digital channels. And they expect great websites to be the engine behind it all.

Above all else, markets should demand that their media show deep commitment to, and respect for, the communities they are privileged to serve. It is this commitment – along with a commitment to absolute integrity – that is at the heart of everything we do.


CloserStill was formed specifically to build a new type of business exhibition and media company that is fit for purpose in these fast-changing and demanding times. It is run and owned by a group of the business media industry`s most experienced executives. Between them they have run many of the most successful exhibitions here in Europe and as far afield as China and Singapore as well as running international media businesses that included magazines, websites and publishing.  We have very strong capital backing and a flat, responsive structure that allows us to get to opportunities quickly and not bog our teams down in endless [and pointless] meetings and reports.

And we believe that the best businesses are also the simplest. We don’t believe in sprawling hierarchies weighed down by huge overheads.  Each of our business units runs as an autonomous company with its own leadership.. Our role is to provide help where it is needed not interference where it isn’t. This approach suits dynamic young entrepreneurs seeking partners that will help them fuel growth without destroying what makes their businesses special.

And we choose our opportunities as carefully as we choose our partners. We focus on dynamic markets where either growth or change - or both - give a real reason for events to exist and give us the chance to create something fresh and invigorating and to deliver real value to those we serve.

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