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How will AI transform L&D?

Thursday 14 September 2023

How will AI transform L&D?

Chloë Sibley
How will AI transform L&D?

There is a lot of talk about using generative AI in L&D – but Artificial Intelligence can do a lot more than rapidly create courses using machine-produced text and images. This has profound implications for L&D. On 7 September 2023, Area9 Lyceum hosted a webinar exploring this with their CEO, Ulrik Juul Christensen, and Donald H Taylor, Chair of the Learning Technologies Conference. 

Ulrik and Donald discussed the wider world of Artificial Intelligence with the audience, exploring the different uses of AI in learning and development. They also looked deep into how it will affect organisations, individuals and L&D teams. We know that the future of L&D will be very different now AI is taking the digital and human world by storm, but are there things we get wrong amidst all the hype? What can the surprisingly long history of AI teach us, and how can we prepare for an uncertain future?


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What could AI add to our jobs and organisations?

Ulrik opened the session with a question to the audience: 'What's your view of Artificial Intelligence's impact on workplace L&D?' The responses ranged from positive to negative, with many people picking up on the fear of unemployment, day-to-day disruption, and a general fear of the unknown. A few people were in agreement that AI will provide time-saving solutions for L&D, and that even when the specifics are uncertain, it's clear that AI will be a transformative tool for the L&D industry.

After an intense discussion of what AI might bring to L&D, Ulrik went back to what AI is doing right now. He raised the point of newer tools such as ChatGPT having copyright issues, especially when it came to intellectual property rights such as adding clinicians words to the language model. Donald added that the bias topic in general is huge and not many people are talking about it. Another issue raised was the concern AI will conjure plausible-sounding facts that are completely untrue, to which the response was that is our job as a human to thoroughly fact-check. 

Ulrik went on to share a live demonstration of 'Mindflow', a tool Area9 are currently working on, an AI-generated, no-code building platform used to automate cybersecurity operations. Mindflow has a constant conversation with GPT-4, based on inputs about a learning course and the learners who will be on it. It then creates a course outline — including assessments, goals and AI-narrated text content for the course. Ulrik pointed out that the AI does all the monotonous 'admin' work, meaning people will still have to review everything created, but it will allow more time for engineers to add complex components to the model when needed. Watch the webinar recording for free to see Mindflow in action, as Ulrik talks the audience through the process!


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