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Learning Technologies Autumn Forum 2023: Week 1 Highlights

Thursday 19 October 2023

Learning Technologies Autumn Forum 2023: Week 1 Highlights

Chloë Sibley
Learning Technologies Autumn Forum 2023: Week 1 Highlights

This year, The Learning Technologies Autumn Forum is taking place online to reach and even broader audience of L&D professionals. Across four days, the event will lead the discussion in the latest and greatest in learning and development, all centered around the main theme: 'Emerging Technologies'. This is currently one of the hottest topics in the L&D industry, and the Learning Technologies Autumn Forum will bring you up-to-speed with what's new in the workplace learning community.

This event is brought to you by our leading industry-expert speakers, delivering three sessions on each day, providing interactive talks that spark discussion and inspire new ideas that you can implement in you and your organisation's L&D landscape. Before the second week kicks off, let's take a look at all the highlights from Week 1 to get you ready for more engaging debates...


What emerging technologies do you need to watch out for in L&D?

The opening session really set the tone for the rest of the event: 'Emerging learning technologies - it's more than just generative AI'. Donald H Taylor, Chair of the Learning Technologies Conference and Andrew Jacobs, L&D Innovation Lead at Llarn Learning, joined forces to ignite the conversation about L&D's emerging technologies. They dived right into navigating the current noise in the learning technologies world, sharing what technologies are hot right now, but also those that have a proven track record of success.

Leena Randhawa, Head of Learning Solutions at Omniplex Learning, delivered a session on 'Smarter, Faster, Better: How emerging technologies are supercharging L&D'. Leena delved into the most current developments exploring how these sophisticated technologies are reshaping the way we learn and work. She shared invaluable insights, tips, and strategies on software adoption, demonstrating how to harness these technologies effectively and in the flow of work. Leena explained how you can integrate continuous learning into your daily tasks, making technology an ally rather than a hurdle.


All about AI: What's working, and what isn't?

Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly a tool on many people's minds, which was reflected in the 'Putting the ‘I’ back in ‘AI'' session. Helen Marshall, Chief Learning Officer at THRIVE and Mark Ward, THRIVE's Co-Founder, delivered this session on arguably the hottest topic in technology right now. They explained that L&D is often guilty of being attracted to buzzwords and shiny new tech, and how optimistic caution is going to be key in making real use of AI in our products and services across L&D. Helen and Mark show how you can put the 'I' back in 'AI', so your organisation can make learning easier and more effective for your end users.

Egle Vinauskaite was joined by Donald H Taylor for her session, 'AI for L&D – the practicalities beyond the hype'. Egle expressed how things have moved on from the Artificial Intelligence fever of earlier in the year — with L&D professionals knowing there’s more to AI than simple prompting. In this interactive session, Egle showed how people are actively putting ChatGPT and other tools to use and exploring innovative ways to boost productivity and push boundaries with AI, while still examining where we should be cautious of it.


Future L&D: Curiosity for business and e-Learning transformation

Dominic Holmes, Principal of Value & Strategy and Alexandra Wilson, Regional Sales Manager, both from Cornerstone OnDemand, delivered a session looking at the power of curiosity. In 'Turning Curiosity into Real-World Business Growth', Dominic and Alexandra explored how learners are demanding a consumer grade experience in their work lives. This means they want things such as personalisation, digitisation, and HD experiences to be in everything they see and interact with. However, this the technology needed for this becoming exponentially more sophisticated behind the scenes, what does this mean for the future of L&D? Dominic and Alexandra show you how to use technology to keep everything on track — connected and built for analysis and growth.

Sven R. Becker, Executive Board Member at imc Learning, delivered a session, 'Faster and better: transforming your e-learning creation strategy'. As new technologies are adopted throughout organisations at a rapid pace, where has this left your content creation strategy? Sven took the audience on a 25-year journey in his session, on how leading international companies are embracing technology to transform their strategies and work faster and better. This session also explores solutions for teams struggling under the weight of immediate demand, while sourcing and budgeting is an ongoing challenge, to ensure organisations are fit for the future of L&D.


Join us for Week 2!

The Learning Technologies Autumn Forum 2023 will continue next week, starting on Tuesday, 24 October. To get you ready, all sessions from Week 1 are now available to watch on-demand! Join us for six more sessions spread across two days, with topics ranging from training cyber-smart workers to exposing the realities of corporate learning...


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