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What are the realities of digital learning in 2022?

Thursday 3 March 2022

What are the realities of digital learning in 2022?

Chloë Sibley
What are the realities of digital learning in 2022?

Two years on from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and corporate learning teams are now more than ever at the forefront of supporting rapid organisational transformation. But how are corporate learning teams adapting their strategies to manage this change? The 2022 Digital Learning Realities Survey aims to find out.


Now in its seventh year, the Digital Learning Realities Survey, run in partnership with Learning Technologies, shines a spotlight on the new demands being placed on L&D teams and how they are responding. The survey explores learning strategies, the impact of the hybrid workforce, creating effective learning experiences, the learning technology ecosystem and more.



2021: Corporate learning in a post-pandemic world

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed working life for many employees and the effect it’s had on people’s lives has been unmeasurable. International lockdowns and strict isolation periods altered even the simplest of day-to-day activities. That includes learning, which is a big part of people’s lives – whether it's work, school or at home. Corporate learning in particular shifted massively, with accelerated developments in digitalisation and a decline in other approaches.


The 2021 Digital Learning Realities Research results demonstrated that corporate learning has changed vastly due to Covid-19. The research displayed a clear sense that participants were changing their learning ecosystems for their workplace as a direct response to the pandemic. In the results, Fosway revealed a staggering 96% of L&D professionals reported making changes to their practice, with 2 in 3 making significant changes. Furthermore, 1 in 2 felt they were under more pressure than ever before to display value-add to stakeholders. Only 6% of participants felt less pressure to demonstrate the impact of their learning initiatives on their organisation since the pandemic. This survey does more than report findings related to L&D – it reveals how those in L&D are affected by world-changing events.


The 2022 Digital Learning Realities Survey helps to predict what the future holds for learning functions, as learning leaders are encouraged to share their approach for the the year ahead.  Results from the 2021 survey show that only 2% of respondents say they plan to revert to what they used to do as an L&D function once the pandemic has passed, suggesting a significant shift to digital learning ecosystems.



2022: The time for new digital realities

Previous survey results from Fosway show how much the L&D community has been affected by the pandemic. This, combined with the increasing progress in digitalisation, continues to shape corporate learning strategies.

So what are your digital learning priorities for the year ahead? The 2022 Digital Learning Realities Survey takes just 20 minutes to complete and will provide insights on how corporate L&D teams are navigating change and organisational transformation.


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