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21st Century learning


21st Century learning

12 Feb 2020
Track 2 - Big issues

The term ‘blended learning’ has been around for 20+ years and despite changing technology and a constant flow of new trends in L&D, the concept has never really gone away. Arguably, in today’s world of multiple channels, digital resources and social platforms, the idea of blending all these and more to create a seamless learning programme is now more important and more valuable than ever before.

Building a modern learning environment

The choice of media, modes and delivery pathways available to L&D for reaching and engaging people with learning has never been richer. The challenge now, however, is to create an approach that feels multi-layered but seamless and easy for your people to discover and interact with anywhere they want to. And content is only part of the story! As we will hear from Helena King of TES Global, modern learning today also needs to create time and space for coaching, mentoring, discussion and reflection if you want to have the maximum impact. Join us to explore:

  • Creating coherent experiences regardless of the media and delivery methods 
  • Mapping learning content alongside reflection, held together by mentoring to create a better experience and more effective learning 
  • Focusing on content as only one element of delivery
  • Sustaining engagement during extended learning experiences
Nigel Paine, Managing Director - Nigel Paine.Com ltd
Helena King, Head of Online Learning - TES Institute

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