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13 Feb 2020
Track 3 - Tactical matters

Curiosity is a behaviour closely linked to exploration and learning. So, it would seem obvious for organisations to want to cultivate it in their people in order to help them develop and progress. And yet it perhaps isn’t something we see nurtured enough in L&D today. This session explores the value of curiosity and how it can support a culture of continuous learning and development.

Creating a culture of curiosity (and why it’s good for learning)

The phrase ‘stay curious’ is often heard in the context of learning. But how can L&D nurture the curiosity of its people and respond in a way that keeps their interest? In this session we'll hear from Novartis and the Moller Institute, both organisations curating curiosity to drive personal growth. Their goal? To fuel the skills and capabilities of their workforces and be better equipped to respond to changing requirements in the future. From childhood through adulthood, the commitment to lifelong learning and development is delivering some exciting results.

  • Creating a culture of curiosity that drives learning forward
  • Closing skills gaps with proactive learners
  • Supporting self-directed learning with the right tools and systems
  • Gathering disparate content sources together in a coherent fashion
  • Unleashing the power of your people by unlocking their curiosity
Stella Collins, Chief Learning Officer - Stellar Labs
Amy Brann, Associate - Moller Institute
Nina Bressler Murphy, Novartis Learning Institute - Head of Enterprise Capability - Novartis

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