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Games and learning


Games and learning

13 Feb 2020
Track 3 - Tactical matters

The term gamification is now commonplace in learning, but still has its detractors. Can badges really build engagement? Does the psychology actually support the learning process? In this session, we’ll share real-world success stories where it is truly making a difference to how people achieve their personal goals and organisations deliver on their performance targets.

Getting beyond the hype of gamification   

Is gamification really a good tool to use in learning or is it just a fad? Two enterprises, Kaplan and RBS, are here to tell you that it is working for them and delivering brilliant business results. Yes, there are leaderboards and badges, but as we will hear, creating an approach to games-based learning is about so much more than that. From the careful segmentation of groups of learners to create competition, to delivering timely nudges that drive ongoing engagement with learning resources, this session will reveal how to:

  • Harness motivation to learn with games-based techniques
  • Reward desirable behaviour change
  • Generate excitement and engagement with learning resources
  • Embed gamification into large learning programmes and certifications
  • Align the purpose of games-based learning with organisational goals
Julie Drybrough, Director - fuchsia blue Ltd
stuart pedley-smith, Head of Learning - Kaplan
Scott Anderson, Designer - RBS
Caroline Black, Design Manager - RBS

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