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Learning across borders


Learning across borders

13 Feb 2020
Track 5 - Implementation

Learning should be a key foundation of any organisation’s success. Whether it is helping people hit sales targets, increase customer satisfaction scores, or build brand reputation – engaging people globally across different roles and locations at the right time is still challenging, even in the digital age. This session shares how to engage with and prepare your people with the right mindset, motivation and enthusiasm to learn, as well as the right skills and knowledge, at the right time in order to truly deliver results.

Worldwide learning that works

It is easy to pay lip service to the mantra that ‘people are our most important asset’ but engaging every level of your workforce in ongoing development worldwide is not something many organisations can say they have achieved. In this interactive session, our speakers share how in their careers, across differing industries, they have supported a wide range of employees in well-managed, engaging development, whether they are delighting customers in the hotel industry or designing ways to engage users in the tech industry.  This session will explore how to:

  • Instil the same value and purpose to all aspects of learning worldwide
  • Energise your people’s development across all roles and locations
  • Standardise learning experiences globally
  • Deal with the practical issues like differing technologies and time zones
  • Recognise and handle cultural differences
Sheena Whyatt, Caped Crusader for Your Personal Brand, Super Coach for Your Business - KAPOW! Your Brand, Your Business, but Better
Claire Doody, Head of Learning + Development - International - Twitter
Rachel Begbie, Learning, Development and Well-being Director - Corinthia Hotels Ltd

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