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12 Feb 2020
Track 3 - Tactical matters

Jobs for life are a thing of the past. But with skills gaps increasing and talent shortages abounding, how can you get the best out of your people as their skills and capabilities change over time and possibly even pivot in their careers and role choices? Rather than letting them go, wouldn’t it be better to re-purpose their skills and use them elsewhere? We explore the underlying potential just waiting to be unlocked in your people today – and tomorrow.

Supporting performance and pivot points in people’s careers

The world of work is changing at pace. And an important but perhaps unsung role for L&D now is to support people’s ability to adapt to changing requirements and in many cases, reskill altogether. It can be challenging for those involved and represent additional investment for organisations, but compared to the costs of recruiting and onboarding new starters, still makes good business sense. This session takes a close look at how to highlight areas for development and potential reskilling, including:

  • Skills assessment and analysis of skills gaps
  • Providing access to online skills development at any age
  • Creating space for reflection and self-development
  • Building an agile workforce
  • Enabling resilience and adaptability to organisational change
Chloe Walton, Managing Director - Hello2Morrow Ltd
Ariel Wrona, Management Consulting Analyst - Talent Development & Learning - Accenture Capability Network - Talent & Organization
Ian Borkett, Service Manager - TUC unionlearn

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