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Stakeholder buy-in


Stakeholder buy-in

12 Feb 2020
Track 5 - Implementation

Building a culture of learning in organisations has become a top priority for L&D professionals today. But this is just an impossible dream if you can’t engage the many different stakeholders that need to be involved in L&D initiatives. Here, we explore exciting design thinking techniques that can unlock barriers across different teams, departments and levels of seniority to foster the real engagement and collaboration needed to make learning successful in your organisation.

Tackling the stakeholder challenge: Using design thinking techniques

Everyone in the learning field has stakeholders, whether they are clients, SMEs or learners. Sometimes it’s challenging to collaborate effectively with them all to achieve your desired results. In this session, we will explore how to work with and influence stakeholders to help them solve the right problems in the right way. We will use Design Thinking techniques and our collective intelligence and experience to tackle the challenges we face when working with those who resist our recommendations and expertise.

 In this session, you will work in small groups and apply Design Thinking methods to:

  • Practice creative problem-solving
  • Explore the reasons that stakeholders resist your advice
  • Find effective solutions to stakeholder resistance.

At the end of this session, you will have a collection of ideas to experiment with when dealing with challenging stakeholders.


Julie Drybrough, Director - fuchsia blue Ltd
Mirjam Neelen, Learning Advisory Manager - Accenture
Connie Malamed, Learning Design Consultant - Connie Malamed Consulting

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