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  • 9 - 10 June 2021
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12 Feb 2020
Track 4 - Content

Listening to stories is one of the oldest forms of learning there is and can leave us with profound memories and experiences that stand the test of time. Today, the medium through which stories are told might include digital resources and online platforms, but the power of storytelling remains unchanged. Hear how leading organistions are capturing and sharing the stories of their people to help meet business goals - and how you can start to create meaningful experiences that make a difference.

The power of stories in learning

Incorporating stories into learning is nothing new. But how can L&D truly maximise storytelling and harness it to deliver against organisational objectives? This session shares examples of powerful stories being captured and shared digitally to great effect. It also demonstrates how to start unlocking the stories that we all have to share and turn them into meaningful learning experiences. We will explore: 

  • Nominating well known personalities to ‘fast forward’ engagement
  • Creating mentoring personas for those sharing their stories
  • Aligning stories with business goals
  • Tapping into the storytelling potential of your people
  • Designing engaging experiences that don’t even feel like learning
Rob Hubbard, Creative Lead - LAS
Thomas Junod, Head of UEFA Academy - UEFA
Danny Seals, Experience Design Consultant - GP/MindChimp

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