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Values and decision making


Values and decision making

12 Feb 2020
Track 4 - Content

Too often we can have a great idea, or a good feeling about what we should do next, but our environment conspires against us to make decisions tougher than they need to be. This session is designed to help you cut through the complexities of modern business to understand what truly matters in your decision-making process, and what is just background noise. Join us to start a new approach today.

Better decision making in complex environments – expand your range.

In this practical taster session, we are going to explore decision making from different angles and look into tools to expand your range. Both for you as an experienced decision maker in business, and as thought starters for any leadership development you might have your hands in.

  • Decision making in a VUCA environment
  • Discover a solution-focused approach to get into action
  • Experience how to use intuition and embodiment as “data points” for well-rounded decision making
  • Tap into your core values as first principles to ground your decisions in
  • Iterate and refine
Celine Mullins, CEO - Adaptas Training
Christine Locher, Coach & Consultant - Christine Locher Ltd.

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