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Vendor relations


Vendor relations

12 Feb 2020
Track 5 - Implementation

Maximising the benefits of your learning technology depends on a number of key factors.Choosing the right solution is one, but picking a partner you can depend on and work with closely is key, as well as truly understanding your goals and drivers for investment in the first place. Ultimately, what are you trying to achieve? Join this interactive session to explore first-hand experience of what works–and what doesn’t–when selecting your vendor of choice.

Augmenting Your L&D: Vendors won’t bite (if you choose wisely)

With technology evolving at warp speed and new vendors popping up every day, keeping up with the trends is a full-time job. Meanwhile, the skills gap is widening and the pressure is on L&D to close it. Yet the reality is, Learning teams are expected to deliver more and more (data analytics, a learning culture, AI…!) with limited resources and capabilities.

In this context, choosing the right partners has become mission critical. In this session I’ll help you separate the wheat from the chaff, drawing from years of experience on the provider side. Here are some of the topics we will tackle:

  • Trends vs. buzzwords: debunking some myths 
  • Beyond technology: what else should I be thinking about?
  • What to (realistically) expect from a tech vendor
  • Questions to ask before partnering
  • Red flags to avoid!
Helen Smyth, Digital Learning & Design Manager - Sainsbury's
Amanda Nolen, Co-Founder - NilesNolen

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