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  • 10 - 11 February 2021
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Virtual reality


Virtual reality

12 Feb 2020
Track 1 - Technologies

It feels as though we have been talking about virtual reality in learning for some time, but the evidence shows that it is now starting to deliver. Supporting the development of practical skills in high risk in environments might be an obvious application, but what about using VR for compliance? This packed session shares success stories across number of different industries, each with a unique and accessible take on VR in learning.

From hype to reality

Harnessing the opportunities provided by virtual reality for learning is no longer just a pipe dream. This exciting technology is now being used to support L&D in organisations worldwide with measurable results. Here we’ll uncover how it is being used to tackle health and safety issues and compliance challenges and even behavioural change in everyday companies using kit that is more accessible than you might think – plus some innovative approaches and ideas.

  • Tackling business challenges with virtual reality that works
  • Inspiration as to how virtual reality could work for you
  • A look at different virtual reality tools and kit
  • Creating safe environments for learning new skills
  • Why virtual reality doesn’t need to cost the earth
Matt Brewer, Digital Learning Manager - Markel International
Caroline McCarthy, Senior Manager, Digital Learning Design and Innovation - Lloyds Bank
Mark Poole, Learning Design Manager, Digital Learning Design and Innovation - Lloyds Bank
Helen Dudfield, Chief Scientist Training - QinetiQ
Craig Piper, Learning Delivery Manager - Lloyds Bank

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