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13 Feb 2020
Track 1 - Technologies

There is increasing pressure on L&D to embrace learning data and better understand the analytics it canprovide.For many of us, this is outside our comfort zone and immediate skills set. Butunderstanding howit can help us create better learning experiences for our people by matching the right content to the rightlearners at the right time, provides real motivation to get involved. Join us tosee how xAPI is creating apath to an improved analysis of learning data and applying the results in practice.

Learning to love learning data and analytics

Data for data’s sake is worthless. But data that informs L&D how people are spending their time, which content is working – and which isn’t – has huge value; as long as we know how to use that information in a practical way. This session shares invaluable insights into how to ensure you are getting the right data in the first place, then how to use it in just the right way to drive purposeful learning and lasting behaviour change. We’ll hear from organisations who are doing all this and more thanks to the right data:


Andrew Jacobs, L&D Transformation Lead - HMRC
Richard Pedley, Learning Project Manager - Fidelity International
Megan Torrance, CEO - TorranceLearning

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