London UK 2023

London UK 2023


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3-4 May 2023 | ExCeL London


L1S3 - Meeting the green challenge - L&D’s part in the journey to Net Zero


L1S3 - Meeting the green challenge - L&D’s part in the journey to Net Zero

04 May 2022
Conference Theatre 3

Do you feel like you’re living through a Netflix series? A big driver of the turbulence of our time is climate change - and it’s only going to get worse if we do nothing about it. Our planet is in trouble and business has a key role in putting things right.

With many organisations targeting carbon Net Zero by 2030, this is a pivotal moment. The actions we take now will determine whether we turn things around - or not. Organisations have a key role to play and we, in L&D, are ideally placed to facilitate awareness, action and learning around sustainability. This is no longer a nice-to-have, but will be critical to the bottom line as customers make increasingly ethical choices. After all, without a planet, there is no business.

Join us for this interactive lunchtime workshop to explore:

  • How green is L&D - from the perspective of organisations, vendors and industry analysts
  • How we can lead the sustainability revolution as a sector
  • How you can lead green change in your organisation
  • What practical steps we can take to be more sustainable
  • Each other’s sustainability stories and best practice
Rob Hubbard, Creative Lead - LAS
Tess Robinson, Director - LAS
Laura Romaniszyn, Training Manager - Arup
David Perring, Director of Research - Fosway Group

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