London UK 2023

London UK 2023


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3-4 May 2023 | ExCeL London


T2S5 - Learning and performance


T2S5 - Learning and performance

05 May 2022
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Content design , Learning engagement , Talent and learning
The more distant learning is from its application, the more likely it is to be forgotten or mis-applied. Get close to work, and that all changes – often the greatest impact comes from what we learn during work. But this mantra of ‘learning in the flow of work’ is easily misinterpreted to mean chopping courses into small pieces and then interrupting work to deliver them. How can we really focus on performance in learning while working? Join Learning Technologies stalwart Bob Mosher to find out.


The Power of Workflow Learning
Bob Mosher

One thing the pandemic has taught us: be prepared for the unexpected.

Our future relies on our workforces to upskill faster, unlearn and re-learn more efficiently, react to change quicker, and swiftly resolve problems as they arise—all while continuing to work. With more remote workers than ever, the traditional classroom will never be the same. Embedding learning into the flow of work is no longer just a ‘nice to have’, it is a necessity. Designing learning, workflows, and trainings that promote a performance-first attitude is where we must be supporting our organisations.

Join workflow learning pioneer and 5 Moments of Need Design Methodology guru, Bob Mosher, as he guides you through how to design a workflow learning solution from the ground up. Prepare to have your existing learning principles flipped upside down and to walk away the blueprint for a learning methodology you’ll wonder why you didn’t adopt years ago. A plan truly suited for our current and future landscapes; one that offers us a more prepared future.

Niall Gavin, Commercial Learning Consultant and Accreditation Mentor - CIPD and LPI
Bob Mosher, CEO & Chief Learning Evangelist - Apply Synergies: THE 5 Moments of Need CompanyTM

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