London UK 2023

London UK 2023


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3-4 May 2023 | ExCeL London


T4S4 - Accessible content


T4S4 - Accessible content

05 May 2022
Conference Theatre 4
Content design , Learning engagement , Programme implementation
Making L&D resources accessible to everyone is finally being recognised as both the right thing to do and a good thing to do – for everyone. Whether someone has a visible impairment or not, making content inclusive for those with differences such as colour blindness, dyslexia, a sight or auditory impairment improves it for the whole organisation. Accessibility is no longer a nice-to-have or a bolt on to ensure compliance but a fundamental basic that all organisations should be getting right. And we’ve got two expert speakers who will set out how and why.


Designing learning content that works for all (clue: it's not how you're doing it now)
Susi Miller
Michael Osborne

In this session we’re welcoming back to Learning Technologies Michael Osborne who will share his wealth of knowledge around the practical aspects of accessibility – vital as more and more learning moves online. He’s joined by Susi Miller, author of Designing Accessible Learning Content: a practical guide to applying best-practice accessibility standards to L&D resources. Together they will share their thoughts and experience on how accessible digital learning content is beneficial for the entire learning community and offer practical examples showing how to make sure materials are accessible right from the beginning of the design process rather than added as an afterthought at the end. 

  • Common accessibility pitfalls in the design process
  • Creating your content to be accessible
  • An easy to follow framework designed for learning content
  • Overview of assistive technology
  • Learner case studies


Stella Collins, Chief Learning Officer - Stellar Labs
Michael Osborne, Learning Experience Designer - UpSkill Digital
Susi Miller, eLearning accessibility expert and author - eLaHub

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