London UK 2023

London UK 2023


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3-4 May 2023 | ExCeL London


T4S5 - Leadership development


T4S5 - Leadership development

05 May 2022
Conference Theatre 4
Content design , Learning engagement , Professional development
Plenty of models of leadership draw on sporting analogies and focus on winning. There is an alternative – compassionate leadership. Increasingly adopted by health services in the UK, it is applicable in any organisation. Although it may sound like a soft option, this approach underpins collective accountability and builds the foundations for delivering on organisational promises.


Compassionate leadership: using technology to support a radically different sort of leadership
Julie Rogers
Helen Thomas
Michael West

‘Compassionate leadership’ is about creating environments in which people can thrive. It is about creating the conditions – through consistently listening and understanding – for collective responsibility. It allows a non-blame approach to discussing errors, near misses and work overload. It also enables people both to call out bullying and harassment, and to have tough conversations about those times when performance just isn’t good enough.

In this session we look at compassionate leadership and follow HEIW’s story as they deploy a technological solution to support this transformational approach to leadership across the Welsh health service. It’s a lesson in transformation applicable anywhere.

  • The evidence base for compassionate leadership
  • Why meeting organisational goals rests on high quality leadership
  • Working together with employees to establish learning priorities
  • The crucial resources to support this learning approach
  • The value of clear pathways and qualifications
Hannah Gore, Learning Experience Director - Tessellate Learning
Michael West, Senior Visiting Fellow - The King's Fund
Helen Thomas, Assistant Director of Leadership & Succession - Health Education and Improvement Wales
Julie Rogers, Deputy Chief Exec and Director of Workforce & OD - HEIW

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