London UK 2023

London UK 2023


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3-4 May 2023 | ExCeL London


Collaborative learning


Collaborative learning

05 May 2022
Theatre 11
Programme implementation , Tools and technologies

An empowering training tool at the service of pedagogy during virtuel classes the bubbles are involving and engaging. The facilitators can see the engagement of the participants.
Our clients say “ the concept of the bubble for each participant is innovative and very empowering”


The virtual class is very intuitive compared to any other tools, on Glowbl you can have sustainable spaces.
Our clients say “For example, on one of my agile transition systems, I created two rooms: one for leader profiles, one for director profiles. The links are always the same and this concept of having rooms that are part of the long term anchors the path that we will travel together versus one-off meetings.”


The answer to new collaborative working methods.
“The way the rooms are organized, with several tables in a single environment, allows the passage in sub-groups in a very intuitive and above all autonomous way. I can visualize the room, the participants, their movements, the exchanges... And this is in connection with the agile working methods, which are also very popular by the user experience of the participants on the Glowbl platform.”

Glowbl is a platform for team animation and engaging sessions.

Sophie Lazard, CEO - GLOWBL

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