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Create learning with IMPACT

Wednesday 24 April 2024

Create learning with IMPACT

Lars Hyland
Create learning with IMPACT

Your action plan to better learning and performance outcomes

In today’s competitive landscape, organisations invest significant resources in learning and development initiatives. But how do you know if these investments are paying off? Moreover, how can you measure the impact of learning programs and demonstrate their return on investment?

What is needed is a comprehensive ‘Learning with IMPACT toolkit’, designed to equip learning professionals, HR managers, and organisational leaders with the essential strategies and techniques to assess learning impact effectively. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to tangible results with this comprehensive guide.


Unlock the Power of Measurement

This toolkit unravels eleven indispensable tips and exercises to measure learning impact and validate ROI. Here’s a glimpse:

  • Know your KPIs: Align learning initiatives with organisational goals by understanding Key Performance Indicators from various sources like shareholder prospectuses and town hall meetings.
  • Evidence of need: Validate learning initiatives by identifying performance gaps and ensuring they address genuine business needs.
  • Prioritisation: Allocate resources efficiently by prioritising learning initiatives based on their impact on organisational goals.
  • Always be measuring: Develop a robust measurement strategy based on evidence of need to evaluate the effectiveness of learning initiatives.
  • The complete learning experience: Design holistic learning experiences that include practice, feedback and reinforcement for lasting impact.
  • The voice of the person: Consider learners' constraints, such as time limitations, to foster engagement with learning initiatives.
  • Environment: Assess technological and physical environments to ensure optimal learning design and delivery.
  • Context: Plan learning deployments considering learners' existing skills, working environment, and time constraints for maximum relevance and applicability.
  • Proactive stakeholder management: Engage stakeholders to align learning initiatives with organisational objectives effectively.
  • Efficient design: Focus on concise content and presentation to maximise learning outcomes.


Start maximising your learning impact

Whether you’re embarking on a new learning initiative or seeking to optimise existing programmes, the toolkit is your companion. By implementing the strategies outlined within, you’ll be empowered to drive meaningful results and elevate the impact of your efforts across your organisation.


Lars Hyland Lars Hyland

CLO at Totara

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