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London UK 2023


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ODILO introduces “Unlimited Learning”

05 Apr 2022

ODILO introduces “Unlimited Learning”

Odilo Hall: S1-S7 Stand: H69
  • ODILO has grown to 170 million users and is now operating in 51 countries

  • It has been considered one of the fastest-growing Edtech companies in Europe and has been recently considered to become a unicorn

  • It has pioneered the Unlimited Learning Ecosystem category and partnered with global brands such as Santander, Vodafone, HP, Salesians, and the Ministry of Education of Madrid

London, Wednesday, 23 March 2022: ODILO has reported spectacular growth, surpassing 170 million users and growing from 21 in 2019 to 51 countries by early 2022. The Spanish-born scale-up has become one of the fastest-growing in the European ed-tech market with now over 200 employees and has recently been recognized as one of the few Spanish companies to become a potential unicorn in 2023-24.

The Company has fundamentally pioneered a new category in the global educational technology space, so-called “unlimited learning ecosystems”. Over the years it has assembled one of the largest educational resource catalogs in the world by onboarding over 6,000 content providers of all formats supporting over 40 languages. 

It essentially provides a fully integrated and personalized solution that combines technology, artificial intelligence, big data, content, and managed services for organizations to in effect offer “unlimited learning” possibilities for their entire community. 

Thousands of institutions from around the globe have already launched their own unlimited learning ecosystems and are leading the global and innovator unlimited learning movement. Examples include  Santander, HP, Vodafone, Telefonica, SEK School, Cabify, Salesians, the Ministry of Education of Madrid, TED Colleges, the Ministry of Education of Ivory Coast, the University of Zambia, and Complutense University.



ODILO allows any organization (including schools, businesses, universities, and public administrations) to create their own totally personalized unlimited learning ecosystem. Through this ecosystem they can offer users unlimited access to the largest catalog of educational content in the world; 3 million titles from more than 6,300 of the best providers of books, magazines, courses,, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, interactive content, etc). This ecosystem is built on an intelligent and gamified technology where any kind of learning experience can be created without restrictions (including learning clubs, onboarding plans, virtual classrooms, etc) across the web, mobile apps, and tablets.  

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