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ODILO presents an X-Ray of the titles viewed the most by users in 2021

05 Apr 2022

ODILO presents an X-Ray of the titles viewed the most by users in 2021

Odilo Hall: S1-S7 Stand: H69
The EdTech sector revolutionizes education
  • It is estimated that the educational technology market is closing out the year with a profit of 350,000 million euros and a registered growth of 45% in European investment.  

  • The ODILO company has carried out an analysis of its more than 170 million platform users to learn what titles were consumed the most in companies and schools during the past year.  

  • Company data shows that consumption of the “courses” format has grown by 217% with respect to 2020 on a global level, and 58% within Spain.  The most viewed subjects include soft skills and tools like Excel.  

  • On a global level, the consumption of audiobooks has taken off.  It is the second most popular format, just behind ebooks which despite 15% less consumption this year globally and 30% less in Spain (with respect to other formats) is still the leading format.

  • Consumption of podcasts has grown globally by 282%, a trend repeated to slightly less effect in Spain, where it has grown by 108%.  

  • Unlimited Learning Ecosystems have become a crucial tool in e-learning, fostering the continual education and training of students and workers.  

 Learning and training supported by online tools and resources are on the rise.  It is estimated that the online learning market is closing out in 2021 with a revenue of 350,000 million euros and a predicted growth of 10% per year, according to data collected by Expoelearning.  In addition, the latest report published by Brighteye Ventures revealed that European investment in EdTech grew by 45% over the past year. 

“The EdTech sector is experiencing a huge surge thanks to all the benefits it provides.  It’s not a passing fashion to respond to pandemic needs and distance learning requirements.  Rather, ed-tech has become a fundamental support tool for learning over a lifetime.  It is a system that can help any person, at any age to improve, train, learn, entertain themselves, and personalize their learning in a manner adapted to the time they have available and their individual needs. -Rodrigo Rodríguez, ODILO CEO. 

More and more companies and schools are opting for this type of resource and relying on the benefits that digitalization offers to ensure their educational models stay competitive.  For this reason, ODILO, the digital educational services platform with the most content in the world, has carried out an X-Ray of the educational content most consumed by schools, universities, and companies in 2021.  The X-Ray was informed by an analysis of consumption on reading platforms in the over 50 countries where ODILO is present and with more than 170 million users of said platforms. 

Most read at companies

Reskilling is a reality.  Investing in workers’ continual training has become an essential element for adaptation to the demands of the current labor market.  There are many companies that rely on ODILO for employee training through the creation of personalized Unlimited Learning Ecosystems.  In fact, the company’s data shows that the courses available on its platform were consumed 217% more globally and 58% more in Spain over the last 2 years.  The most viewed subjects included courses designed for soft skills and digital tools like Excel.  

In addition to training courses, companies can rely on non-fiction content to improve employee skills. Globally, the top three include No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention by Reed Hastings, Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration by Edwin Catmull, and Atomic Habits: an easy and proven way to build good habits and break bad ones by James Clear.

In Spain, employees’ favorite titles were: Sapiens. De animales a dioses by Yuval Noah Harari, Métodos Ágiles: Scrum, Kanban, Lean by Rafael de las Heras del Dedo, and Coaching para todos de Alejandro Fiol.

Upon analysis of Spanish company's favorite media via ODILO platforms, we find El PaísLa Razón, and Forbes. Among specialized publications: National Geographic, Computer Hoy, and Emprendedores.

In addition, Spanish companies have on many occasions created their own personalized learning experiences, something the platform allows them to do easily.  The most prioritized subjects for these experiences are “remote working,” change management in VUCA environments,” “leadership,” “company values,” and “diversity and inclusion.”

Giving books a voice

The company’s report shows that the use of audiobooks has surged, moving from the 6th most consumed format in 2020 to the 2nd in 2021, only behind the ebook which despite falling in use by 15% globally and 30% in Spain, remains the most consumed format for both schools and companies. 

Another growing format is the podcast, which grew by 282% globally and 108% in Spain since 2020.  

Predictions for 2022

“This year will be key for e-learning”, Rodrigo Rodríguez statesThe past two years we say how, thanks to educational organizations or companies, more and more people gained access to platforms like those of ODILO.  The growth in popularity of this type of solution will bring about a major increase in hours dedicated to unlimited learning, and I’m sure we’ll see growth in formats like audiobooks, podcasts, summaries, courses, and learning experiences.” 


ODILO is a Spanish company, a leader in digital learning and education through its Unlimited Learning Ecosystems.  Its mission is to democratize access to quality education by providing access to content and digital learning experiences, as well as the resources necessary for public and private organizations to become pioneers who always set learning and knowledge at the center of their cultures. 

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