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FLOWSPARKS Authoring Tool

FLOWSPARKS Authoring Tool

FlowSparks Stand: B08

Achieve more in less time and improve teamwork

Anyone can develop e-Learning

The didactic formats are designed to help participants achieve a specific learning goal. These templates allow any employee to digitize their own knowledge. Courses will be more accurate and employees will be more involved.

Real-time adjustments

Make adjustments in the content editor, click on SAVE… and you’re done! The changes are displayed immediately, even if the module has already been loaded into an LMS.

Easy review

Let others review your e-Learning easily with the integrated review tool. Click on an element, add your comment and save.

Powerful multilingual capability

The authoring tool is available in more than 30 languages. Particularly convenient is the option to import and export translations.

Reach a higher learning efficiency

Adaptive learning

Create adaptive e-Learning programs designed around individual participants’ knowledge levels. A preliminary test determines which part of the course a participant has to follow. This saves time and makes sure everyone reaches the same level.


With gamification you add game techniques to your learning program to keep your participants motivated. Make use of time limits, a progress bar, levels, badges and much more.


Short learning activities are perfect to refresh important knowledge, attitude and behaviour. It’s a low efforts approach to train your participants. You can read more about this on our microlearning blog.

Tests and exams

Check if participants understood the information. Choose formative, summative or diagnostic tests with immediate feedback. Other options include open-ended questions, hand-in assignments, online workbooks and many more.

Create learning experiences with the right look and feel

Branding and skinning

Manage the look and feel of your company using the skin editor. The editor applies your corporate visual identity to all e-Learning that you create or have already created. Do you want a different style for a specific project? No problem!

Fully responsive

All templates and formats are fully responsive. This means that every module you create, looks good on both tablet, laptop and mobile.

Excellent user experience

Our templates are properly designed so you don’t have to worry about the programming and technicalities behind them. All interactive elements – like buttons, links and animations – are predefined and work right away.


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