London UK 2023

London UK 2023


Dates and Venue


3-4 May 2023 | ExCeL London


Lock Down

Lock Down

Proctorio Hall: S1-S7 Stand: P05

The following Proctorio Lock Down Settings can be enabled or disabled on each and every individual exam:

Force Full Screen

The exam will open in full-screen mode and is a standard Lock Down Setting. Forcing full screen will not let the test taker leave the exam to use other websites or programs.

Only One Screen

Test takers will have to unplug any other monitors prior to starting their exam. This ensures that there are no notes or websites on another monitor during the exam.

Disable New Tabs

Test takers will be prohibited from visiting external websites during the exam, where they could potentially get answers to exam questions or collaborate with other test takers.

Close Open Tabs

This ensures there are no open tabs prior to starting the exam. This option will force test takers to close any other websites they may have open, such as videos or course lectures.

Disable Printing

Printing and taking screenshots will not be allowed during the course of the exam attempt. This will ensure that the exam questions are not distributed physically or online.

Disable Clipboard

Test takers will be unable to copy and paste during the exam attempt, which ensures that exam content is not lifted from the exam window or inserted into the exam window.

Clear Cache

All traces of the exam will be automatically removed from the test taker’s device after the exam has been completed.

Disable Right Click

Test takers will be prevented from using right-click functionalities. This will prevent test takers from accessing copy/paste, printing, and other functionalities during the exam.

Prevent Re-Entry

This option will ensure that test takers complete the exam in a single sitting and doesn’t allow for any kind of breaks. This setting can be used for high-stakes exams.


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