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17-18 April 2024 | ExCeL London


17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London


Wednesday 29 March 2023


Realizeit Hall: S1-S7 Stand: N20
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What Does Realizeit’s Learning Platform Do?

Realizeit’s impact on learning starts with a new way of constructing training and learning.  Realizeit gives L&D teams the power to capture knowledge, skills, and work tasks in a friendly learning map approach. Everything becomes reusable, making it easy and fast to create consistent learning pathways across the organization for different but related workflows. 

Realizeit provides a “Learning GPS” to guide the learner on a recommended path that becomes a visual guide for recalling information in the flow of work. The AI constantly assesses the learner’s knowledge and personalizes the path to help the learner move faster or slow down to refocus on areas of need.

Whether engaged in formal eLearning, experiencing live learning moments with a trainer or coach, learning while working, or staying up to date on changes in real time, Realizeit connects all learning moments to maximize individual, team, and organizational performance.

Realizeit’s AI-based approach to training and learning includes:

  • A Better Knowledge Model - Tools for creating learning journey maps and for grouping journeys into job roles that can be used to chart the individual pathways and link learning to measurable knowledge, skills, and competencies needed for performance.
  • A Modern Content Management Approach – Tools to ingest your current content and author new content in granular, reusable, bite-sized pieces to enable personalized, adaptive learning across all moments of need.
  • Learning GPS - A personalized digital learning experience where an AI-powered adaptive engine delivers precisely what each learner needs to know just when they need to know it and makes all learning content accessible for recall on the job in the workflow using a visual map interface.
  • Job Readiness Assurance - Continuous monitoring and measurement of each learner’s progress and performance to identify strengths and weaknesses on critical skills, directing more time to be spent on filling in knowledge gaps. Critical skills learned in formal training are linked to skills that can be learned while working, speeding up the time to job competency.
  • Learner Engagement - Continuous monitoring and measurement of the learner’s engagement level to identify ways to adapt learning that will maintain or increase engagement.
  • Seamless, Connected Experience - Integration of all modes and moments of learning into one seamless experience, providing stakeholders real-time information about the learner’s progress and including live feedback and instruction in the journey.
  • Content and Skills Intelligence - Ability to analyze content sources (internal and external) and align with skill definitions, job roles, and personal learning history to automatically identify the best learning path for the most needed skills at a personal level.
  • Empowering Analytics for ALL - Rich and timely data and insights to all the human stakeholders in the learning process – designers, trainers, coaches, managers, and more.



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