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23 - 24 April 2025 | ExCeL London

17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London

Realizeit Adaptive Learning System

Monday 1 April 2024

Realizeit Adaptive Learning System

Realizeit Stand: E25
  • Realizeit Adaptive Learning System
  • Realizeit Adaptive Learning System
  • Realizeit Adaptive Learning System
Realizeit Adaptive Learning System Realizeit Adaptive Learning System Realizeit Adaptive Learning System

Realizeit is an Adaptive Learning System that delivers the capabilities you need to confidently train your most critical job functions while making the training process more efficient than ever. With Realizeit you develop, deliver, and maintain end-to-end training experiences for business-critical functions. When precision matters and you need to know that your people are properly trained, Realizeit gives you the tools to verify and assure training content has been mastered while personalising the learning experience to each person's knowledge and job context.

Realizeit gives you a standardized way to transform your one-size-fits-all courses into bite-sized adaptive learning experiences. Use an AI-assistant ingest and transform existing learning content and then generate questions that assess each learner's job readiness.  The system will automatically orchestrte a knowledge check for each learning objective that gives just the right number and type of questions to determine where each learner should start and what they already know to speed up their learning. Learners follow a guided pathway that includes eLearning and any combination of learning experiences you choose from insructor-led sessions to one-on-one training to discussion groups and live skill assessments.  All of this amounts to a learning experience that meets the precision and verification levels you need for your business-critical traning goals. And best of all, everything is measured so you will have the evidence you need to help make improvements and show how learning is making an impact to prepare workers to be more successful.

Learning Technologies awarded Realizeit the Gold Award in 2022 for the “Best use of data analytics to impact learner and business performance.” Training Industry named Realizeit a “Top 20 Advanced Learning Technologies Company” two years in a row. Brandon Hall awarded Realizeit five 2023 Learning and Development Excellence in Technology awards, including “Best Advance in AI and Machine Learning.” To see personalised adaptive learning in action, request a demo at


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