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23 - 24 April 2025 | ExCeL London

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Tahdah Digital Badging

Tahdah Digital Badging

Tahdah Hall: S3-S9 Stand: K68

Introducing Tahdah, the cutting-edge Digital Badging solution that revolutionises the way organisations recognise and validate learning achievements. Tahdah goes beyond traditional certification methods by harnessing the power of blockchain technology to issue secure and tamper-proof Digital Badges for a diverse range of learning activities. Whether completing courses within Tahdah's own Learning Management System (LMS) or elsewhere, Tahdah ensures that learners receive the recognition they deserve for their accomplishments.

At the core of Tahdah's Digital Badging capabilities lies its seamless integration with blockchain technology. By leveraging blockchain's immutable ledger system, Tahdah creates Digital Badges that are verifiable, transparent, and resistant to fraud or manipulation. Each badge contains metadata detailing the learner's achievements, including the nature of the activity, the date of completion, and any relevant certifications or endorsements.

One of Tahdah's key strengths is its versatility in badge issuance. Whether it's completing courses, mastering new skills, participating in workshops, or achieving professional milestones, Tahdah can issue Digital Badges for a wide range of learning activities. This flexibility allows organisations to tailor their badge offerings to align with their specific learning objectives and recognition criteria.

Moreover, Tahdah's Digital Badges are designed to be interoperable and portable across various platforms and ecosystems. Learners can showcase their badges on their digital CVs, social media profiles, or professional networking sites, enhancing their visibility and credibility within their respective industries. Additionally, Tahdah's badges can be seamlessly integrated with other popular badge backpacks and credentialing platforms or within Tahdah’s own platform, ensuring that learners can carry their achievements with them wherever they go.

Tahdah's user-friendly interface and intuitive badge management tools make it easy for organisations to design, issue, and manage Digital Badges with minimal effort. Whether you're a corporate training manager, an educational institution, or a professional certification body, Tahdah empowers you to recognise and celebrate the accomplishments of your learners in a secure and meaningful way.

With Tahdah as your Digital Badging solution, you can unlock new opportunities for learning recognition and validation while fostering a culture of achievement and excellence and remember each digital badge shared is helping to spread the word about the great learning you deliver.


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