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16 Nov 2022 | London

Shortlist 2021 - Category B

B - Best learning technologies project - public & non-profit sector 

ACCA: The CBE Practice Platform

ACCA is committed to providing global study support to all who study for the ACCA qualification.

Practising exam standard questions in the real exam environment is critical to students’ success. However, it’s the subsequent debriefing and marking of these answers that truly develops technical knowledge and application skills.

Launched in 2019, the Practice Platform is an integrated solution for students to practice exam standard questions, debrief and mark their answers. Learning providers and their tutors also use the platform to support their students and create their own practice exam content.

ACCA: Study Hub

This project aims to support self-study students in Africa (as much as 70% in some regions) as well as small-medium sized African tuition providers that will most benefi t from support with teaching resources.

Africa pass rates are regularly more than 10% below global average. The ACCA Study Hub provides the increased level of support needed to achieve better student retention, increase exam entries at Strategic Professional level, improve pass rates and increase student and tuition provider confidence levels and satisfaction rates.

Attensi and NSPCC

Gamified training technology is typically associated with making learning fun – and that’s certainly at the heart of Attensi’s core values.

But the success of a pilot project, developed by Attensi in partnership with the NSPCC, has shown how the principles of gamification can be applied to help people develop the skills to tackle one of society’s most difficult challenges – how to speak to children about abuse

BT and The Football Association

English football relies on over half a million volunteers. These people change lives – and we need more of them.

The FA’s first digital qualification, BT playmaker, addresses this need. It highlights the importance of volunteers, and it gives them the skills required to support safe, fun and inclusive sessions.

Following its release in August 2020, over 60k learners have enrolled on Playmaker – and 1000 more sign up every week. Completion rates are world-leading, business objectives surpassed and learner feedback outstanding.

This course has changed The FA’s qualification landscape and increased the number of volunteers in football. Plus, it’s completely free.

DHSC and Capita Learning

In October 2020, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) training team was quickly assembled to engage providers to establish a learning platform and material for the initial COVID-19 Asymptomatic Test (AT) Sites.

Content was designed and developed within three weeks of commission, making the UK one of the first countries deploying Lateral Flow (LF) testing for public benefit.

Costing c.£4.60 per head (as at June-2021), the high-profile training, delivered in record time, empowered over half a million real people, in regular jobs, to test effectively, identifying asymptomatic COVID-19, informing carriers to self-isolate, reducing the spread of the virus.

Idea Foundation

The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, known as iDEA is an international programme helping people of all stages and ages, to develop digital and enterprise skills, discover new talents and gain digital confidence. offers bite-sized, interactive modules on a range of exciting topics that are created with industry experts and innovative employers. iDEA learners collect digital badges and points for every module that they complete, leading them to achieve industry-recognised Awards that enhance their CVs and help them stand out from the crowd. Learning with iDEA is free and can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere with connectivity.


Near-Life’s project to support Emergency Medical Teams was developed with the support of the World Health Organisation, UK emergency responder community and the Global Inter-agency Security Forum. 
The comprehensive course was designed to provide an immersive learning experience for civilian responders being deployed overseas for the first time. 
Based on the WHO’s ‘Blue Book’ guidelines, learners experience a realistic POV journey, encountering security-related incidents where their choices determine the outcome. The unique, WebVR approach means that the immersive approach is scalable in a way that previously wouldn’t have been possible. 
The course is currently undergoing extensive trials with the UK and European EMT responders before being rolled out globally later this year.

Network Rail and NIIT

The Passenger Service Professional video series is a set of short videos, under two minutes each, designed to spark productive classroom conversations among Network Rail station personnel regarding accessibility challenges that passengers with various disabilities face on train platforms. The videos feature authentic personal testimony from real passengers with disabilities, using a blend of talking head and animated presentation styles to dramatize actual travel experiences from their lives. Interviews were recorded 100% remotely to protect interview subjects from the risk of COVID-19 infection.

Pembrokeshire College

The Audactive project was borne out of the power of mobile devices to read aloud, understand voices plus the challenges of engaging contemporary learners, more comfortable to using smartphones than computers and keyboards. Audactive enables teachers to create learning activities so learners can have a ‘conversation’ with coursework and avoid using a keyboard. This facility is particularly useful for learners with barriers to learning or who need to learn on the move. The successful trials of Audactive in UK colleges have led to a new fully functioning mobile learning technology that enables learners to have a conversation with their coursework.

Saffron Interactive

Create Your Own Future reaches the hardest hit by the pandemic and those facing an uncertain future due to digital disruption. It encourages those with few qualifications, and little motivation to learn, to become lifelong learners and take their first steps towards career planning and upskilling or reskilling. It uses an AI enabled coach with voice and video recognition capabilities to provide personalised effective 1-2-1 coaching at scale. Sophisticated data analytics and natural language processing enables individuals to realise their transferable skills and be matched with career pathways and appropriate learning and to develop an action plan.

State of California and Arist

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UN World Food Programme

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Whizz Education

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