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16 Nov 2022 | London

Shortlist 2021 - Category G

G - Best technology-based onboarding programme 

Deloitte and Solvd Together 

Deloitte and Solvd Together delivered an innovative technology driven virtual onboarding for 300+ new junior consultants. The goal was to create a visually impactful and engaging journey to prepare them for their client work, and allow them to launch their career with confidence. The ‘Analyst Induction Programme’ (AIP) combined action learning, simulation, and consumer-grade digital assets to deliver an industry leading experience. The team brought human-centred design principles to the virtual world to achieve business and audience performance outcomes. AIP is now the kite-mark for onboarding at Deloitte, and demonstrates the firm’s commitment to innovation in its learning programmes.

Digital Chefs & Jumbo Supermarkten

Jumbo Supermarkten is one of the fastest growing supermarkets in The Netherlands and Belgium. With over 700 stores, approximately 25,000 new supermarket workers are hired each year (aged ± 14 to 20 years old). How to ensure that the important Jumbo DNA: ‘togetherness, entrepreneurship and going for the win’, alongside the ‘7 Zekerheden’ (7 promises towards their customer) are being adopted and embraced?

In close collaboration with Jumbo Academy, Digital Chefs came up with ‘Jumbo FANS - The Game’. A Serious (Simulation) Game to experience in a fun way how to properly interact with Jumbo's customers and turn them into FANS!

Essex County Council

At Essex County Council, our vision is clear: we want our new colleagues to have the best possible start to their career with us. To help us achieve this, our onboarding programme is centred around three key principles: connection, community, confidence.

We deliver a six-month onboarding programme at corporate, function and team levels, which starts when a new joiner says yes to the job and ends on successful completion of probation.

New joiners experience onboarding through a bespoke onboarding platform, a virtual new starter community, on-demand learning resources, a monthly virtual and gamified session and tailored functional and team learning.

MetLife Distribution Academy and NIIT

The onboarding programme of MetLife Distribution Academy combines the best of AI guidance and Manager observation to deliver a performance-centred and responsive experience made available anytime, anywhere, and on any device for a continuous learning experience. The digital experience leverages bite-sized micro-learning nuggets, avatars, simulations, gamification, ‘uberized’ joint field work, and virtual and augmented reality outfitted with interactive high-tech devices to guide the learner on a journey of exploration that realistically shapes career and performance expectations. The learning experience is supported by virtual and face-to-face coaching, joint field work interventions to focus on skills and performance development.


With over 1200 employees spread all over the country, it was important for SUMOL+COMPAL (S+C) to ensure a smooth and decentralized onboarding process. Technology was a key ally to ensure new hires had access and manage their onboarding program anytime, anywhere.

S+C created CONTIGO SOMOS+ Program that integrates different types of experiences, ranging from eLearning courses to buddy and mentoring programs, market, plant visits and workshops.

All initiatives are managed and accessible from S+C LMS (docebo).

The adoption of technology allowed to bring structure, flexibility, and a sense of accomplishment to what was a 100% face-to-face based program

TivoliVredenburg and inBrain

TivoliVredenburg, a cultural centre in Utrecht, employs hundreds of new staff each year in various roles. Previously onboarding was done by manager with varying levels in the quality and consistency of information provided.

To overcome this, inBrain worked closely with the venue to develop a sophisticated online learning platform for rapid onboarding which has delivered exceptional results. With high levels of interactivity and personalised pathways, complex information is divided into bite-sized ‘Brainsnacks’.

The programme fits well with the smartphone lifestyle of its targets and brings new staff on board much more rapidly with time and cost savings from the organisation.

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