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16 Nov 2022 | London

Shortlist 2021 - Category H

H - Most innovative new learning technologies product 

ACE! + Oculus and AtHand Serious Gaming

ACE! is AtHand’s modular gamification platform with easy configurable games, based on the clients’ wishes. Standard software, custom games. With our ACE! Platform we manage to make learning and development more fun, measurable and sustainable.

Oculus Insights partnered with AtHand to enrich their existing change program for Veterinary practices, by developing a Serious Game. Main goal: improve communication skills, personal resilience and collaboration. This is successfully achieved, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

During the game, participants were not tied to a specific moment. This gave them autonomy in learning and made it easier to connect with colleagues to collaborate on assignments.


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Edocate's Virtual Patient Simulation platform provides evidence-based learning for personalizing and optimizing patient care in a real-life yet risk-free virtual world, complementing traditional educational activities and enabling the application of evidence to practice. Thanks to its unique technology, patient cases are easily designed and tailored to address the educational needs and practice scope of diverse HCP audiences across multiple conditions. The platform can be accessed by any internet enabled device, offering bite-size learning experience that fits HCPs’ busy schedules. Lastly, the platform also collects objective data on provider's clinical competence and performance, which helps discover and address knowledge and practice gaps.

Lumina Learning

Lumina Learning creates personal development and selection tools with a digital twist. Spark Coach builds on our flagship personality psychometric, Lumina Spark, by introducing an additional sustainable coaching experience that can be used as an alternative, or complement, to the traditional Lumina Spark PDF. Spark Coach brings a learner's Spark Portrait to life by exploring six of their key psychological patterns and asking them customised coaching questions. It is designed for Lumina Practitioners to use with their coaching clients or employees. This innovative digital coaching tool uses Articulate Storyline360 to create a highly interactive and engaging experience, helping to improve self-awareness and overall effectiveness.

Make Real & Keltbray

Make Real and partners Keltbray collaborated to design and develop “SkillShield” as an answer to some key issues facing training in the construction industry. With irrefutable video learner assessment evidence, organisations are more protected when onsite incidents occur within construction. At time of audit, learner records matching construction site workers can be corroborated as a result, to ensure those on site are those who undertook the training. Furthermore, the tool allows for VR training operation, replay and feedback, either in person or remotely. This tool has been rolled out across a number of high-profile construction projects during 2021.

OrCam Technologies

Coming soon.

Pembrokeshire College

The Audactive project was borne out of the power of mobile devices to read aloud, understand voices with the challenges of engaging contemporary learners, more comfortable to using smartphones than computers and keyboards. Audactive enables teachers to create learning activities so learners can have a ‘conversation’ with coursework and avoid using a keyboard. This facility is particularly useful for learners with barriers to learning or who need to learn on the move. The successful trials of Audactive in UK colleges have led to a new fully functioning mobile learning technology that enables learners to have a conversation with their coursework.


Proteus enables clients to deliver change faster, better and cheaper, with embedded learning on a rapid journey of self-sufficiency.

At the heart of our business is data-driven analytics and a passion for learning/development, both of which provides our clients with clarity, certainty, and confidence in delivering change.

Our unique approach flips learning on its head, delivering accelerated capability development with the objectives of:

  • rapid efficiency gains: doing more, faster and cheaper
  • fast-tracking change competence
  • creating capacity
  • reducing reliance on expensive consultants
  • enabling greater teamwork and interaction

Rapiscan Systems

Reality+ was created by Rapiscan Learning Academy to provide customers with training which could be delivered remotely and safely.

Reality+ a completely new mixed reality training environment where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real-time, breaking down the barriers between traditional and virtual learning. The most important benefit of Reality+ is its immersive nature, bringing learning to life and aiding subject matter retention.

Reality+ is the future of training. Nobody else in our industry has this level of mixed reality digital learning, an example of how we put our customers first, leading the way in everything we do.

Saffron Interactive

Create Your Own Future reaches the hardest hit by the pandemic and those facing an uncertain future due to digital disruption. It encourages those with few qualifications, and little motivation to learn, to become lifelong learners and take their first steps towards career planning and upskilling or reskilling. It uses an AI enabled coach with voice and video recognition capabilities to provide personalised effective 1-2-1 coaching at scale. Sophisticated data analytics and natural language processing enables individuals to realise their transferable skills and be matched with career pathways and appropriate learning and to develop an action plan.

Sana Labs

Sana Labs is the global leader in AI-powered personalized workplace reskilling and upskilling. Applying recent breakthroughs in machine learning, the Sana platform combines adaptive learning with learner and content analytics, objective-aligned ‘nudges’ and just-in-time natural language search. Pushing beyond prediction, Sana synthesises training reminders that course administrators can implement with a single tap, and its next-gen authoring tool accelerates high-quality content creation through real-time collaboration and AI-assisted content improvement recommendations. In doing so, the Sana platform creates powerful, engaging, and fully personalized learning experiences capable of serving millions of users every day.

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