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Awards 2022

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16 Nov 2022 | London

Shortlist 2021 - Category O

O - Best use of learning data analytics to impact learner and business performance

Babcock and Area 9

The adaptive learning project was commissioned to focus on functional and foundation maths, where military students were being most impacted by failing. Project aims were to contribute to reducing a ~6% attrition rate, reduce time to proficiency and ensure learners have core and sustained knowledge in mathematics principals to be great engineers.

Using a digital adaptive learning platform, utilising multiple data points and learning algorithms the project delivered significant impact. A reduction in overall failures, over 50% reduction in time to proficiency, increased engagement from learners and the ability for trainers to target learning interventions to support all learners to succeed.

Holland and Barrett

Coming soon.


Qstream is a leading enterprise microlearning solution proven by science to boost learner performance at scale through knowledge reinforcement, engagement, and analytics. Since 2008, Qstream has been on a mission to make people in the workplace better at what they do. Over 600 global organizations rely on Qstream to build high-performance teams by delivering a precision microlearning experience that reinforces job-critical knowledge and skills in minutes a day. Qstream gives companies the tools they need to get a real-time view of performance readiness and take action where it is needed most.


Have you heard the one about the compliance team who aspired to be so much more? More educationally astute to the needs of the business? More cognisant of the learning requirements in the modern workplace? More accountable for the impact their education drives? All by using learning data and analytics….? Let me tell you more….

Our objective was to mature compliance education at Sage through learning data analytics at each level of evaluation. It’s an ongoing iterative journey – and we’ve been successful in creating a framework backed by data that has advanced Sage exponentially compared to where we have come from.

Ufi VocTech Trust

One of the biggest challenges facing further education colleges is supporting students to pass their maths or English GCSEs, while ensuring that all learners gain the minimum standard in these subjects and master their chosen vocation.

To ensure students thrive, CENTURY worked with Ufi to maximise the potential of their world-leading technology. Based on AI, neuroscience and learning science, CENTURY creates a constantly adapting personalised learning path for every student across any curriculum. It provides teachers with real-time rich data insights to make effective targeted interventions. This project allowed more students than ever before to thrive by optimising CENTURY’s platform.


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