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Awards 2022

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16 Nov 2022 | London

Shortlist 2021 - Category R

R - Learning organisation of the year 


1 in 5 UK learners leave education with no basic qualifications. It’s a scary statistic.

As many as 1 in 3 learners are neurodiverse. Supporting these learners brings some challenges:

  1. Accurately identifying learning needs.
  2. Supporting individuals to succeed throughout their education.
  3. Accessing funding to provide support.

That’s why we built Cognassist.

Cognassist is a cloud-based #EdTech SaaS platform focused on achieving that goal: identifying neurodiversity in under 30 minutes, providing personalised learner journeys, and delivering applied cognitive science and neurodiversity training.

To help every learner reach their full potential and ensure no learner is left behind

Growth Engineering

Growth Engineering uses a research-backed engagement focus to produce meaningful results through our suite of learning technology solutions.

We’ve made some incredible progress over the last year, including exciting new features, new clients, an expanded team and bucketloads of customer success stories.

We’re extremely proud of the support we’ve provided during the pandemic. For instance, a Fortune 500 cosmetics company could link $174m (HKD) of sales to a training campaign delivered solely through our solution.

We believe that our unrivalled support and focus on engagement and innovation make us the learning organisation of the year.


GuyKat go beyond eLearning. Since being founded in 2009, they have been passionate about customer success. With offices based in the UK and US, GuyKat serve clients in five continents and have deployed training in over 50 countries. They are experts in eLearning, UX, design and learning outcomes; they believe that fantastic UI and UX is what success is all about. GuyKat became a valued partner with Docebo in 2011, making them the first reseller to bring Docebo to the UK. Since then, their teams have developed deep expertise in Docebo. And expanded into Professional Services for Docebo.

Idea Foundation

The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, known as iDEA is an international programme helping people of all stages and ages, to develop digital and enterprise skills, discover new talents and gain digital confidence. offers bite-sized, interactive modules on a range of exciting topics that are created with industry experts and innovative employers. iDEA learners collect digital badges and points for every module that they complete, leading them to achieve industry-recognised Awards that enhance their CVs and help them stand out from the crowd. Learning with iDEA is free and can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere with connectivity.


LAS is passionate about human-centred learning, an approach that has allowed them to make huge impacts for their customers that belies their small size. Their focus on making the journey as interesting, positive and rewarding as possible, makes for a great experience for everyone around them. Ethically-minded and a B Corp, they also show that it is possible to balance profit with purpose.

Their enthusiasm for raising the bar in digital learning by supporting the community - through a myriad of free pro bono activities and sharing of their expertise - shines through. Their significant contribution to customer success, to society and to the community is what really drives them and sets them apart.


For the past four decades, NIIT has been helping the world’s leading companies run training like a business. With a comprehensive suite of managed training services, NIIT is dedicated to helping customers increase the business value of L&D by demonstrably improving learning effectiveness and efficiency. Whether it is reduced costs, increased flexibility and business alignment, technology innovation or a dramatic improvement in learner experience, NIIT delivers measurable and transformative business impact to L&D organizations across the world.


With 30 years’ experience in enabling thousands of organisations worldwide to design, create and deliver engaging digital learning, Omniplex strives to transform the learning technologies marketplace by providing customers with access to industry leading tools, insights, and resources.

In 2020/21 alone, we have helped clients as diverse as Pfizer, Charlotte Tilbury, Deloitte, Stella McCartney, Aztec Group, Thames Water, Medtronic, and Fitch Learning to not only deliver engaging learning experiences but also drive behavioural change and provide long-term value.

Providing exceptional customer service and continuous development are our key drivers.

Ufi Voctech Trust

2020, with all its challenges, provided an opportunity for vocational education funding charity Ufi VocTech Trust to consolidate all we have achieved and bring our practical experience of what works to a much wider audience, that had a pressing need to adopt digital learning for the first time.

Through our grant funding and partnership work, we believe we cocreated ‘exceptional results’ to enable learners across the UK to continue with their vocational studies and to support learning professionals who needed to rapidly adapt their practice. Ufi is fulfilling its mission to catalyse change in the sector and build enduring communities.

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