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Awards 2022

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16 Nov 2022 | London

Shortlist 2021 - Category S

S - Learning designer of the year 

Stefan Eger
Learning Pool

Stefan has been a leading light in Learning Pool’s success over the past four years. Expertly combining content and platform to deliver modern and comprehensive learning experiences, he is forging a path for the future of learning design in our business.

Having led large scale projects for a range of global clients including Open Society Foundations, Amway, OSTC and NAMI Stefan is genuinely and infectiously passionate about what he does.

This naturally extends into the work he does outside of his day-to-day role, where he regularly leads Learning Pool webinars and acts as a mentor for other members of the team.

Andrew Golightly
EDF Accelerate

Coming soon.

Phill Lord-David
iAM Learning

Phill Lord-David is the Head of L&D and UX for iAM Learning. He is a consummate professional who believes in the difference good learning can make to both an individual and to a business. His depth of knowledge, coupled with real-world experience in large scale digital transformation, means he has challenged iAM to become an ever better version of itself. His passion extends not only to the learning content he crafts, but to his colleagues, those within the industry and to himself. There are many things special about iAM, but one of those comes in the form of Phill.

Catherine Nicholson
The Virtual Training Team

Catherine Nicholson is an experienced learning designer who has mastered the art of designing engaging virtual training materials. With a focus on virtual instructor-led corporate training, her unique materials are delivered by a global network of freelance coaches through her company The Virtual Training Team (VTT). Catherine not only ensures that participants receive the best possible training materials but has also developed a unique system to prepare the coaches who deliver them. Every step of her process works to ensure optimal engagement, learning transfer and retention.

Gemma Towersey
Mind Tools for Business

This month marks five years that Gemma has worked at Mind Tools. Throughout that time, she’s lead on some of our most complex projects; she’s demonstrated a passion for measuring what we do; and she’s become an active contributor to the L&D community through her appearances on the Mind Tools L&D Podcast.

As a colleague, she’s shaped the way we work by advocating for the learner. As a direct report, she’s a reassuring presence capable of handling any challenge. And as a friend, she’s supported our team through difficult decisions. It’s our privilege to see her enter this category.

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