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02 june 2020, excel, london


  • A unique one-day follow up event

    A unique one-day follow up event

    Your chance to explore further the most popular topics from Learning Technologies 2019 
  • More than 1500 L&D professionals

    More than 1500 L&D professionals

    Discover the latest learning technologies, innovation and best practice at the free LTSF exhibition and LTSF Conference 
  • Over 30 free L&D seminars

    Over 30 free L&D seminars

    A wealth of content, best practice and innovation across four seminar theatres on the exhibition floor. No booking, no payment, no excuse to miss them!
  • More than 20 conference speakers

    More than 20 conference speakers

    With some great speakers, the LTSF Conference will explore the themes from February’s event in more detail with the emphasis on learning in practice and interactivity
  • Over 36 leading learning providers

    Over 36 leading learning providers

    All the leading suppliers, all the technologies, all the inspiration your business needs to thrive in today's changing learning environment


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Access over 200 L&D videos from past conferences and exhibitions on our YouTube channel

Featuring some great and inspiring speakers and covering all of the most important issues and topics affecting learning and development professionals in today's knowledge economy, the channel has had more than 500,000 video views in the last two years alone.

  • Live streaming, interactive video, speech-to-text transcript, integrated presentations, social feeds and more 

Videos include sessions from Ray Kurzweil, Jaron Lanier, Nicholas Negroponte, Brian Solis, Beau Lotto, Lord Puttnam, David Price OBE, Marc Prensky, Jane Bozarth, Dr Jim Kirkpatrick, Stephen Heppell, Euan Semple, Dr Itiel Dror, Harold Jarche, Donald Clark, Alison Rossett, Robert Brinkerhoff, Gerd Leonhard and Tony Buzan to name just a few.



Attend fortnightly online events for free. Join us for free webinars and online events – both live and on-demand – featuring business leaders, industry experts and sponsors and partners.

Hosted by the Learning and Skills Group, the official community of the Learning Technologies & Learning and Skills events, the webinars run every other Thursday and are free to attend for members and non- members alike.

To access LSG webinars, simply click on the event links 10-15 minutes before the sessions are due to start, click on the ‘attend’ button and enter your details.

LSG webinars use Adobe Connect (free mobile apps available) and do not require a password. There is also a full webinar archive of all past webinars


Inside Learning Technologies and Skills is the dedicated publication that supports the Learning Technologies and Learning and Skills portfolio and is published six times in the lead up to the Learning Technologies event in January and the Learning Technologies Summer Forum in June.

The magazines (May, June, October, November, December and January) are produced in digital format with a circulation of over 80,000 L&D professionals delivering a wide variety of rich media content across multiple platforms (including the majority of mobile devices used for web browsing, including iPads, iPhones and Androids).

The sixth magazine (January) is also the show guide issue and distributed to all pre-registered visitors and delegates in the lead up to Learning Technologies and Learning and Skills.

The magazine contains in-depth articles from leading contributors on the latest learning trends and developments as well as covering all the major issues affecting organisational learning and learning technology.

View the digital version of the latest magazine and an archive of over 500 L&D articles.

learning and skills group forum

As a learning professional, when you register for the event you will be invited to join the Learning and Skills Group, an international community of over 7,000 L&D professionals interested in organisational learning and learning technology.

It is also the official community of the Learning Technologies & Learning and Skills exhibitions and conference.

Membership benefits include; online resources, collaborative tools and knowledge sharing opportunities. It also enables you to interact with other conference delegates and L&D professionals throughout the year.

  • collaborate with other learning professionals through forums and social media
  • have instant access to a wealth of resources including blogs, research, white papers, case studies and much more
  • be part of the UK’s most important learning and development community.

Membership is absolutely free for L&D professionals so join now at www.learningandskillsgroup.ning.com

event news

Receive all the latest news and developments from the Learning Technologies & Learning and Skills exhibitions and conference, as well as from our Learning Technologies Summer Forum, Learning and Skills Group Conference and our fortnightly webinar programme from our training press releases event news channel.

Distributed to learning-industry professionals, analysts, bloggers, commentators, editors journalists and learning industry groups - around the globe

Be first to hear all the main announcements about the event, the latest conference speakers, key learning trends and issues, and a wealth of content from the free seminar programme and product launches on the exhibition floor.

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