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Fuel your business’s growth with extended enterprise training


Fuel your business’s growth with extended enterprise training

12 Feb 2020
Demo Zone 2

It used to be the case that companies only had to deliver one type of training to one specific audience. Now, times have changed. Businesses are leveraging the growth opportunities that delivering training to multiple audiences offers them.

At LearnUpon, we built personalised portals into our platform from the very start. Think of them as 'mini LMSs' that enable you to manage and deliver training to your employees, partners, and customers, in separate, unique environments.

  • What an extended enterprise LMS is
  • Why you should use an extended enterprise LMS to deliver training to multiple audiences
  • How to build distinct learning environments for each training audience
  • How the learning experience works across multiple devices
  • Ways to efficiently and effectively manage LMS administration tasks
Phily Hayes, Senior Account Manager - LearnUpon

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