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How AI is changing how we design video learning


How AI is changing how we design video learning

13 Feb 2020
Theatre 11

This session is designed for learning professionals and HR teams interested in the practical applications of video and artificial intelligence to improve learning.

The combination of video with AI can create powerful learning - combining the engaging, visual aspects of video with AI-powered recall interactions to embed the learning. In many ways it’s the best of both worlds. But how do we design for it?  Can you use any old video? What’s the key to making these unlikely bedfellows work together in harmony? 

Tom Hickmore and Georgia Rooney from Nice Media, video learning experts, guide you through the new thinking in learning design that stems from their video/AI solution Total Recall. 

Learn about design for different use-cases – from manufacturing processes to adult safeguarding. Learn about design using different types of video including talking heads, product films and drama. 

Learning outcomes:

  • The cognitive science and learning theory behind Total Recall
  • Video design techniques – balancing budget with creativity
  • Design techniques for video plus AI
Georgia Rooney, Managing Director - Nice Media
Tom Hickmore, Creative Director - Nice Media

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