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Learning...not to forget


Learning...not to forget

12 Feb 2020
Theatre 1

The challenges faced by the modern-day L&D team are never-ending; fast-paced, ever-changing work environments, the logistics of remote teams, employees lacking time and motivation to commit to training, and making your learning appeal to different demographics.
And after all that, people forget as much as 70% of what they have learned. So how do you make sure your training makes a real difference? The answer lies in combining an age-old learning psychology Spaced Repetition, with modern-day learning technology to effectively solve the forgetting challenge, so your training not only makes a tangible difference, but it’s fun and self-driven!

  • How the forgetting challenge impacts learning transfer
  • Spaced Repetition as the scientifically proven learning solution for the future
  • How learning technology brings it to life with engaging, bite-sized learning on the go
  • A case study showing a proven one-third increase in knowledge retention
Tony Manwani, Director & Co-Founder - PeopleUnboxed Ltd
Jo Morgan, Director - PeopleUnboxed Ltd

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