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  • 12 - 13 february 2020
  • excel, london

Session Delivered by Coachhub


Session Delivered by Coachhub

13 Feb 2020
Theatre 4

Finding, hiring and retaining top-notch talent is one of the biggest priorities for HR teams. But it also poses a consistent challenge, with the average employee turnover rate in the UK estimated to be 15 percent. Rather than viewing work as a means of earning a salary, employees expect and demand more from their employers. They want opportunities to grow and develop; they crave a sense of purpose; they expect leaders to be inspiring and motivating; and they want to advance their careers. If these expectations aren’t being met, employees will likely leave. In this session, Juliane Sterzl, VP of UK & Ireland at CoachHub, will discuss why organisations must let go of their resistance to change and embrace more interactive, measurable and scalable professional development methods, such as digital coaching, to build highly engaged, performance-driven teams and, in the process, combat their high turnover rates.

Learning outcomes:

  • Common challenges with employee engagement and retention
  • Why digital coaching is more cost-effective and impactful than face-to-face coaching
  • The correlation between professional development and employee retention
Juliane Sterzl, VP of UK & Ireland, CoachHub - CoachHub

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