• #LT21UK
  • 10 - 11 February 2021
  • ExCeL London

Design Mindsets: Moving from Front Stage to Back Stage


Design Mindsets: Moving from Front Stage to Back Stage

13 Feb 2020
Theatre 11

Digital transformation starts with the people, yet we only ever hear the phrase within a corporate setting, and never in our consumer lives. When shaping and talking about digital transformation, we need to think about it within the context of our people, and what the actual words mean.

Danny will explore what we actually mean by digital transformation, and how the change needs to happen within an L&D function so that we can serve our people with an experience that matches their consumer lives. He will walk you through his design approach that focuses on the problem, the experience, and the technology.

  • We need to shape Digital Transformation via a consumer grade lense
  • Explore the 3 stage approach in which we can shape and talk about DT in said context
  • Digital Transformation demystifying it isn’t always tech!
Danny Seals, Learning Architect - GP Strategies

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