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How to build a consistent training system and onboard new hires x2 times faster


How to build a consistent training system and onboard new hires x2 times faster

12 Feb 2020
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What if a company needs new hires to integrate faster and bring their A-game, 

but in-person training is hard to manage, and content is mostly presented as plain PowerPoints? On top of this, training and onboarding lack consistency. At Central One, we hired iSpring tools to launch online training  — the ball got rolling, and we saw the results instantly.

This session is a holy grail for anybody who has ever faced similar challenges and needs a smarter way to reach their business goals in a timely manner.

How can online tools help you create relevant content faster, reduce workload, and track employee progress? We’ll get these questions answered. Plus, you'll find out how to onboard new hires two times faster and select the right toolbox to streamline the training process.

Been there, done that, happy to share the results we have achieved!

  • How to launch a consistent online training system in your company step by step
  • How to select the right tools to launch online training and track employee performance
  • How to create engaging content for onboarding and role-specific employee training
  • How to estimate onboarding effectiveness with surveys and in-depth reports
  • How Central One managed to reduce onboarding time from 6-8 to 4 weeks with iSpring tools
Kate Shaw, Administration and Training Manager - Central One

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