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Engaging the Learner


Engaging the Learner

13 Feb 2020
Theatre 8

Companies are moving to more cost-effective training methods including online and virtual training. Understanding how learning can be impacted by the type of delivery and the level of engagement is often overlooked for the sake of convenience and ease. Learning is an individual experience and many of the methods and technologies fail to offer the personalization necessary to challenge and excite the learner.

Engaging learners includes holding them accountable for their learning by letting them drive their actual experience. Understanding learning behaviors and engagement analytics for every trainer and learner empowers companies to build programs that better meet their employees’ needs.

  • Understanding the impact of true engagement and personalized learning in virtual training.
  • Why learning behavior and engagement analytics are important for training.
Ginger Ackerman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing - Jigsaw Interactive

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