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Connected Learning: Social, Data (and Play!) in the future of learning


Connected Learning: Social, Data (and Play!) in the future of learning

12 Feb 2020
Theatre 8

We have reached a critical moment in the evolution of digital learning, where the power of joined up learning ecosystems and joined up learners are delivering massive new opportunities for the future.  Combine these with some of the innovations we are seeing in gamification, play and immersion and you begin to get a real feel for where digital learning is going right now.

In this session, we’ll take our annual visit to the key trends that are shaping our most innovative work; we’ll look at some industry-leading examples, including a single solution that pulls many of these trends together in one place and is set to revolutionise the way a large commercial audience learns. 

  • Why connected learning is changing our world
  • The power of social learning and learning ecosystems in practice
  • The key opportunities and enablers for change
  • The role of play, immerse and challenge in the mix
  • How we are fixing some of the problems of eLearning in the past
Ella Richardson, Learning Design Director - LEO Learning
Andrew Joly, Director of Strategic Design - LEO Learning

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