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Making your live on-site trainings go remote


Making your live on-site trainings go remote

12 Feb 2020
Theatre 3

Mention live remote training, and many will recoil.

Synchronous remote training has been present in the corporate learning sphere for almost two decades, and it’s got a bad rap to say the least; images of dreary, droning, interminable webcasts abound.

But what if virtual classes have simply been badly misunderstood and misrepresented? What if they could actually be a game-changer, a rocket-fuelled injection into your L&D outcomes -- not to mention your bottom line – and completely change how you communicate with your stakeholders?

Those are some of the questions we asked ourselves. Join us as we share some of the insights that we’ve learned in helping our clients transpose human connection and interactions -- the bedrock of the human learning experience – into the online space, and watch as your stakeholders' learning experiences take flight.

  • Live remote training is present in the sphere but is badly misunderstood and misused.
  • Virtual and remote training produces learning outcomes that are just as and in many cases more viable than in-person learning.
  • Turnkey enterprise communication platform solutions don't exist. In fact, from a technology standpoint there is no magic bullet.
  • With the right techniques and the right training, well-executed trainings can have a very real impact on your firm, both in terms of learning outcomes and money saved.
Ben Rungsrithong, Remote Event Producer - My Virtual Classroom
Alexandre Beruet-Teboul, Founder/CEO - My Virtual Classroom

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