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  • 10 - 11 february 2021
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Film smart – get more with less


Film smart – get more with less

13 Feb 2020
Theatre 3

Lloyds Banking Group has embarked on a journey harnessing film media to improve learning and communication across the Group. But how do you do this on a large scale in an organisation like Lloyds?

We will take you through our journey of integrating film solutions into our Group-wide programmes. We will look at the successes we’ve had and how we tackled the challenges we faced. We will talk about how meeting the Rapidmooc team has helped us increase the number of films produced by more than 50% in the last year.

The Rapidmooc team will also explain more about their all-in-one video studio booth that can help any organisation make professional-quality videos in minutes.

  • Understand how Lloyds Banking Group is harnessing video to improve learning and communication.
  • Learn the steps you can take to implement Rapidmooc in your organisation successfully.
  • Identify the potential cost-saving opportunity that Rapidmooc can bring to an organisation.
Mark Poole, Learning Design Manager - Lloyds Bank
Chris Weeks, UK Manager - Rapidmooc

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