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Forget Content - Think Connections and Communities.


Forget Content - Think Connections and Communities.

12 Feb 2020
Theatre 9

How a mobile-led solution can help you take your learning social.

Despite all the fancy tech and the talk about learner experience, new paradigms and game-changing user expectations, L&D still struggles to let go of its centrally-controlled, content-driven models.
By embedding not just social media functionality but also a social media mindset into the very heart of its mobile-native solution, Teach on Mars is redefining what community-led, social learning can achieve in a workplace environment.

But don't take our word for it. Join this session and hear from a marquee Teach on Mars client about the results his organisation is achieving on the ground by setting his learners free to self-direct, self-motivate and self-evaluate. 

Adam Charlesworth, Chief Storyteller - TEACH ON MARS

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