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  • 10 - 11 february 2021
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Reskilling Your Workforce with Video


Reskilling Your Workforce with Video

12 Feb 2020
Theatre 2

Reskilling workers allows businesses to be agile in the face of constant technological change while investing in and showing loyalty to their existing workforce. Rather than hiring or outsourcing for every new skill, companies can train current, trusted employees to handle the shifts in their industry, whether small or seismic. In this session, we’ll break down three skill areas—social and emotional intelligence, technological skills, and cognitive skills—critical to the future of work and explain how you can employ training that addresses each of these in-demand talents. We’ll focus on video training as an ideal way to bridge competence and generational differences in your workforce to achieve proficiency in learning new skills.

  • Why reskilling makes sense, financially and emotionally
  • Three skill areas critical to the future of work
  • How to employ video training to achieve successful reskilling
Stacy Adams, Head of Marketing - VYOND

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